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On Saturday 30th May 2015, a group of youngsters gathered within the premises of our Scholasticate and the Parish of St. Joan of Arc for their preparatory Retreat in view of the Sacrament of Confirmation. They chose to come to our community as four of our brothers (Maurice, Pascal, Charlemagne and Prosper) are actively involved in catechism

and youth ministry in Our Lady of Good Health Parish (Raisethorpe, PMB).IMG 1173IMG 1163

The day which began around 8 o’clock ended at 16 h pm and in between a lovely lunch together, the Comboni community, the confirmation candidates and their teachers Jackie and Reinolda (the candidates said they were taking the brothers and the priests out for lunch!!!).

The candidates describe the day in their own words: ‘Our confirmation class from Our Lady of Good Health Catholic Church spent our retreat at the quaint church of St. Joan of Arc. There was never a dull moment. The friendly presence of the brothers and priests only reminded us that we are all a family. We were fortunate enough to have Father Mark (Spiritan priest), who is from Johannesburg, lead our sessions. He managed to do what some might deem impossible by getting a group of teenagers to sit down, be quiet and listen, not because we were told to do so but because we wanted to. We were given different angles at which to look at how we live our lives as children of God. We found ourselves debating and eagerly discussing various topics. Having a day set aside to allow ourselves to reflect brought us closer together as a class and strengthened our bonds. Each and every one of us walked away with a grin on our face, feeling more at peace with ourselves and wishing that our retreat would have lasted a weekend instead of a day’. Our deepest gratitude to everyone who made such a beautiful day possible. May the Holy Spirit guide on our Christian journey.

By Confirmation Candidates Raisethorpe Catholic Church and Sc. Prosper Tehou

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