Vocational Workshop in Pretoria

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The Comboni Missionaries take to heart their commitment to promote vocations to priesthood and consecrated and missionary life, wherever they are. The vocation promoter, Bro. Francis Padovan, is in touch with many young people in the whole country and invites them for different workshops through the year in order to help them to see clearer the plan of God.

The last workshop takes place in the middle of December. A restricted number of youth participates. They are at the end of a journey that went on through the whole year. During the workshop they are called to take the decision to enter the formative in the structures of the Comboni Missionaries.

This time, 8 young people participated and some of them were accepted to enter this new phase of their lives. They will remain in Pretoria in a Comboni community for one year. Then the phase called Postulancy starts in Malawi together with other youth from Malawi and Zambia. We are grateful to the Lord for the gift of vocations and we pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers to the mission field.

Missionary Vocation

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, love him tenderly and seek always better to understand the meaning of a God who died on the Cross for the salvation of souls

St Daniel Comboni