Youth workshops in Acornhoek

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Youth 4

Christmas is always a good opportunity for the youth of the Lowveld Missions of the Comboni Missionaries, Acornhoek and Waterval. The youth come from the different communities of the parish and meet at the central mission for some days of reflection and prayer in preparation for Christmas. This year, more than 200 young people gathered for this event.

Youth 3

The topics of the reflections vary from the ordinary challenges that young people face in their families and society like Drugs, unemployment, early pregnancies, to more spiritual topics like prayer, dialogue with the Lord, celebration of the Sacraments mainly Eucharist and Reconciliation.

The youth find room to freely share with others their struggles and their dreams and commit themselves to help each other and to strive for a life that makes the difference in a society that offers them the easy way of going through life. Christian life is a challenge and demands commitment, discipline of life and a strong relationship with God that gives strength and vision to accomplish their dreams.


Youth 2

Missionary Vocation

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, love him tenderly and seek always better to understand the meaning of a God who died on the Cross for the salvation of souls

St Daniel Comboni