Our New Deacon

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Prosper Silverton 2

On Sunday the 15th of January 2017, Prosper Tehou, originally from Benin, was ordained Deacon by the Archbishop of Pretoria, His Grace, William Slattery. This was a truly joyful day for the Comboni Missionaries as the Ordination took place in St. Augustine’s Silverton, our oldest parish in Pretoria. The parishioners joined our Missionaries in the planning and execution of the Ordination, assisting with planning a splendid liturgy. They helped with the logistics, cooking, decorating, demonstrating their closeness to the Comboni Family and the Comboni values that they have made their own. 
The celebration was attended by many Comboni Missionaries and the full complement of the Comboni Missionary Sisters. In a packed Church, the Archbishop encouraged Deacon Prosper to deepen his faith in the ever-faithful God whose being reflects mercy and compassion. In an emotionally charged speech, Deacon Prosper expressed his gratitude to God for having called him to the Comboni Missionaries. He also thanked his mother in absentia, prayed for his deceased father, and for all who have assisted him on the faith journey.
In the feast that followed the Spirt of God was palpable in the relaxed atmosphere of gratitude and fellowship. This Ordination truly brought out the deepest and most valuable treasures of our Comboni life, Africa and all her children rejoicing around one making the total surrender of his life into the hands of the Father.

Happy New Year!

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Nonviolence: A Style of Politics for Peace
5857Pope Francis is calling for a renewed culture of nonviolence to inform global politics today, saying military responses to conflicts only breed more violence. The Pope's appeal was released on Monday in the 50th papal Message for the World Day of Peace, marked on January1st. Calling on political and religious leaders, on the heads of international institutions, on business and media executives and on all men and women of goodwill to become instruments of reconciliation and adopt nonviolence as a style of politics for peace, Pope Francis remarked on the fact that we find ourselves "engaged in a horrifying world war fought peacemeal", and that violence is clearly "not the cure for our broken world." Please find below the full text of Pope Francis's message for the World Day of Peace.
Violence, said Pope Francis, leads to forced migrations and enormous suffering , devastation of the environment, terrorism and organized crime. It leads to retaliation and a deadly cycle that end up benefiting only a few warlords. But, Pope Francis said, Christ's message offers a radically positive approach. He himself walked the path of nonviolence and became an instrument of reconciliation.
And citing historical figures like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King as models of nonviolent peacemakers, the Pope said nonviolence is more powerful than violence and it has produced impressive results.
He recalled the contribution of Christian communities in the fall of Communist regimes pointing out that peaceful political transitions were made using only the weapons of truth and justice. And he remarked that such efforts are not the legacy of the Catholic Church alone but are typical of many religious traditions. "I emphatically reaffirm, he said , that no religion is terrorist (...); and that the name of God cannot be used to justify violence". Emphasizing also the domestic roots of a politics of nonviolence Pope Francis said that while he pleads for disarmament and the prohibition and abolition of nuclear weapons, with equal urgency he pleads for an end to domestic violence and to the abuse of women and children.
My invitation to political, religious and economic leaders the Pope said, is to take up the challenge of building up society, communities and businesses by acting as peacemakers, to choose solidarity as a way of making history. In a world in which everything is connected, he said, active nonviolence is a way of showing that unity is more powerful and more fruitful than conflict, and that differences can be faced constructively and non-violently preserving "what is valid and useful on both sides". "All of us want peace, Francis concluded: "in 2017, may we dedicate ourselves prayerfully and actively to banishing violence from our hearts, words and deeds: (...) Everyone can be an artisan of peace". [www.comboni.org]
See the text of the message here:

Christmas Message from the General Council

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My eyes have seen the salvation 
(Luke 2,30)


Dear confreres in Christ,

Receive a fraternal embrace on the occasion of the celebration of the mystery of the Incarnation of Our Lord.

Christmas offers us a favourable time to contemplate God in the fragility and in the hope that a new world is possible. We are called to discover the signs of God's presence in a world marred by the senseless violence that destroys humanity and renders the future uncertain. In this past year we have been following with concern the situation in Syria and in some countries where we are present, like South Sudan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Mozambique, Mexico, Colombia ... The presence of our confreres in these situations is a sign that we are convinced that God is also there, however limited our missionary activity may be. Christmas is also an opportunity to give fresh energy to our fraternal life, learning to look at one another with the eyes of the Father, walking as a family where we know how to forgive and accept ourselves as we are.

The migratory phenomena have reached exceptional proportions because of wars and deep levels of economic inequality. Millions of people are forced to leave the security of their homes in search of a more decent life. Our Institute is committing itself more and more with this reality to be a sign of God's presence Who recreates life and opens the heart to solidarity in a society more and more closed in on itself.

What the IEC 2016 hopes to achieve

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Fr Aldrin

The much awaited 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) officially commenced yesterday with a Mass attended by thousands of Roman Catholic faithful at the Plaza Independencia, Cebu, Philippines. The Papal Legate Cardinal Maung Bo said Filipinos are a great “mission” being the biggest Catholic Community in Asia. In his homily during the opening Mass, he said the country has helped in promoting growth of Catholicism in Asia.

Christian life in Chad

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Christian life in Tchad

Chad has a population of about ten million people of which 20% is Catholic Christian. The majority of the population is Muslim. In Ndjamena, the capital of Chad, there are mosques in every corner. As you come out of the airport, the voices of Muezins fills the air as they call upon Muslim believers to prayer.

Provincial House Farewell

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On Saturday 24th October a farewell for Father Jeremias was held at the Provincial House in Kensington. It took the form of a mid-morning Mass followed by lunch. People who had been closely associated with Father Jeremias were invited, totalling about 50 in all, including of course those Combonis who could make it.

Ready to begin

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XVIII General Chapter

Saturday, September 5, 2015
The Chapter delegates have concluded the preparatory week and are ready to begin the XVIII General Chapter, opening with a Solemn Eucharist on Sunday, September 6.
The week began with the presentation of the 67 Chapter

Missionary Vocation

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, love him tenderly and seek always better to understand the meaning of a God who died on the Cross for the salvation of souls

St Daniel Comboni